Communication Networks Expert

Dr. Lavian earned a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in Computer Science where he researched and specialized in communication networks, telecommunication systems, Internet protocols and cloud computing. Dr. Lavian has applied his industry expertise and deep technical knowledge to a skilled communication networks expert witness practice. He blends intimate knowledge of patent innovation with academic and industry communication networks expertise.

Dr. Lavian has deep experience in both high-tech industry and academic laboratories. He led three US Department of Defense (DARPA) projects as the principal investigator. In addition, Dr. Lavian served as a scientist at UC Berkeley’s RAD Lab and as a Technical Co-Chair for IEEE Interconnects at Stanford University. Dr. Lavian spent eleven years working at Nortel Networks’ Research Labs, and successfully spearheaded the development of the first network resource-scheduling service for Grid computing.

Dr. Lavian was the first to demonstrate Transatlantic dynamic allocation of 10Gbs Lambdas as a grid service. Dr. Lavian created the first demonstrated wire-speed active network device on commercial hardware. He is a Senior Member of IEEE. and participates as an active member in ACM and IEEE-CNSV.

Selected Patents

In addition to his research and development work, Dr. Lavian is also listed as an inventor of 120 patents. A few of the patents in the field of communication networks are listed below:

Scientific Publications

Scientific publications co-authored by Dr. Lavian on the subject of communication networks: